Lucian Grosu


Operating systems:

  • Linux (CentOS, RedHat EL, Debian/Ubuntu, Slackware)
    • FreeBSD (5.4 - 8.0)
    • Windows (2000 - 2008)
    • Vyatta
    • pfSense


  • Knowledge of LAN/WAN structure, protocols (TCP/IP, UDP, IPSEC)
  • Cisco, Dell, HP equipment, Radware, Alteon
  • OSPF, RIP, VTP, medium knowledge of BGP
  • VPN technologies

Network monitoring and management:

  • SNMP, MRTG, Cacti, Nagios, RTG, RRDtool, Solarwinds: installation, configuration, custom solutions based on these tools
  • firewalls (iptables, ipfw, pf)


  • XEN, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo: installation, configuration, virtual machines management, troubleshooting

Clustering, Load balancing and High-Availability:

  • linux-ha/heartbeat (v1/v2)
  • wackamole
  • HA and LB solutions in Linux and FreeBSD
  • hardware load balancers (alteon, radware wsd)
  • software load balancing for http / pop3 / imap / smtp services (nginx, haproxy)

Web/mail and other network services:

  • expertise working with CPanel/WHM, DirectAdmin, Plesk (installation, configuration, customization, troubleshooting)
  • apache (1.3 / 2.X), nginx, lighttpd, squid
  • exim, qmail, sendmail
  • clamd, spamassassin
  • DNS (bind, maradns, pdns)


  • Asterisk, Trixbox, FreePBX, Openser

System Administration:

  • Deep knowledge of Linux based systems and all aforementioned tools / technologies,
  • expertise working with datacenter-level solutions, Dell servers, BladeCases, HP, Supermicro, KVM/IP, ILO, APC
  • network design, maintenance and disaster-recovery planning
  • remote OS installation, PXE, kickstart


  • MySQL - installation, configuration, recovery, database clustering and replication
  • MSSQL, Postgresql - installation, configuration


  • PHP, SQL, bash, sh, awk, sed, perl, Delphi/ObjectPascal

Other skills:

  • Electronic engineering, troubleshooting

Spoken languages

  • Romanian: native
  • English: excellent
  • Russian: good
  • French:beginner level

Employment History

Available in my complete resume. Provided upon request.


  • 2008
    • Cisco Networking Academy, CCNA courses (in progress)
  • 2004 – 2008
    • Moldova State University, Physics-Informatics faculty
  • 1999 – 2003
    • Computer Technologies, TEHNOTON High-School, Iasi, Romania


  • 2006 – Took the course “Security: From Basic Concepts and Techniques to Formal Models and Methods” organized by the United Nations University (UNU) at Iasi, Romania, and Completed a project entitled “HTTP Identification, Authorization, and Security”
  • 2003 - 1st place at the National Contest on Electronics, Iasi, Romania
  • 2002 - 4th place at the National Contest on Electronics, Timisoara, Romania


  • Permanent training and learning of new techniques/technologies
  • CCNA / CCNP certification
  • A challenging and rewarding position as a systems/network administrator and the possibility of career advancement.


  • System/Network administration
  • Distributed monitoring systems
  • Clustering and high-availability systems
  • Load Balancing
  • VOIP
  • Computer networks
  • Data protection and security
  • Network communication protocols
  • Electronics
  • Mechanics
  • DBMSs
  • Distributed computing
  • Guitar playing and sound processing
  • Photography and digital image processing

Shortened skill matrix

  • Working with: different Linux distributions/versions, Fedora, CentOS, RedHat, Debian and Ubuntu, also with different FreeBSD versions:
    • planning, installation, configuration
    • security and server hardening
    • troubleshooting
    • updates/upgrades
    • package management, custom package building
  • Expert knowledge with following services/technologies:
    • DNS (bind, maradns, pdns)
    • HTTP (apache, nginx, lighttpd)
    • SNMP (net-snmp)
    • SMTP, POP, IMAP (exim, sendmail, dovecot)
    • IPSEC, VPN, encryption (openswan, freeswan, openvpn, gre)
    • NFS, GlusterFS
    • PHP, MySQL, Perl
    • Networking (OSPF, BGP, Cisco switching/routing)
    • Hosting control panels (CPanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, Webmin)
    • Server and resource monitoring ( Nagios and Cacti, MRTG, RRDTool, RTG)
    • Remote OS installation (PXE, BOOTP, RedHat kickstart)
    • Virtualization (XEN, OpenVZ)
    • Load balancing (Alteon, Radware, haproxy, nginx)
    • High availability (haproxy, nginx, heartbeat, wackamole)
  • Telecommunications-related:
    • GeoProbe product family (configuration, deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting)
  • Datacenter grade technologies:
    • DELL DRACs
    • DELL/Avocent IPKVMs
    • DELL BladeCases

March 2012

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